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The 1975
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little black brandy dress


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I want to put this to the test.

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URGENT! If you live in or nearby the Nottingham, England area could you please keep your eye out for Tom.  He was last visibly seen at 1am on the 22nd July by his housemate as he was going to bed.  Said housemate thought he heard him shower at around 10am on the 23rd July but can’t be sure.
He was meant to be meeting his girlfriend at 11am on the 24th July but never turned up despite buying a train ticket.  He still hasn’t come home.
If you have any information please inbox me (tumblr user goldrosepetals) or contact the police.
Even if you don’t live in Nottingham I’d be really thankful if you could signal boost this post!

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please do this im hella bored

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So after months and months of planning, I got this tattoo. When I saw the photo in their album, for some reason, it immediately spoke to me. I’ve spent a lot of the past couple years working on myself and making sure that I don’t let others define who I am. The 1975 aren’t afraid to define themselves as people and through their music. For me, this image represents drawing your own box, rather than letting someone put you in a box. By drawing your own box, you are making sure to define yourself. And the rectangle is unfinished because you’re constantly defining yourself. This image means so much to me, and I hope that I’ll be able to explain that to all of them the next time I see them :)







i wish more guys groomed up like this this is sexy not freaking saggy pants


god gentlemen are so sexy

oh god i love you

Who is he omg

he’s my husband

hawt x